Espoir Tai - La Santé Rurale

Hygiène - Alimentation - Santé
Prévention au village

Hygiene -Alimentation -Health
health care in the village

the latest news:

August 2011:
Due to the political situation of Ivory Coast after the election, all the international members of our project had to leave the country. We thank the population of Tai and the neighboring villages for their support and we are looking forward to continue collaboration in the future.

January 2010:
The Team of "Espoir Tai" wishes a Happy New Year 2010 to the population of Tai and to everybody who is supporting us.


The project Espoir Tai  wants to get into contact with the people in the rural zone of Tai in Côte d'Ivoire.

The local team will talk with the population about the difficulties in rural life concerning hygiene, alimentation, health care and diseases. We want to inform about possible changes in behavior of everyday life that can prevent illness and health problems. We want to reach all members of a family, starting with the women and babies, to the kids, teenagers and men.

Because the problems of life in rural areas of africa, need easy and practible solutions for everybody living under this special conditions!

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last update: 2010/01/10